Virtual Care...Anywhere. Helping your loved ones stay at home longer.

Typical Alerts:
  • It is 9:00 and Mom isn't out of bed yet.
  • Dad hasn't taken his medication this morning.
  • The stove is on but no motion has been detected in the kitchen for the last hour.
  • Front door just opened between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am
  • The temperature in the house is below the set 65 degrees.
  • Dad went into the bathroom an hour ago, but hasn't come out.
Technology can now provide caregivers with important information relating to their loved one's well-being.  Through the use of sensors and software tied to a secure website, caregivers can remotely monitor daily activities.  This allows their loved one to remain in the comfort of their home while giving the caregiver peace of mind that they are safe.

The sensors are easy to use and unobtrusive, the system is flexible and expandable and completely designed to meet your specific needs.  It can, for example, tell you how many times Mom gets up in the middle of the night, if Dad is taking his medication, if the stove is left on, or if they are moving around normally.  You choose what you want to monitor, who should be sent the alerts, and how to receive the information (via phone, text or e-mail).  While cameras are an option, the basic system uses motion and contact sensors, thereby preserving the loved one's feeling of privacy and independence.

For less than the cost of one month at an assisted living facility, the system can be installed, allowing your loved one to continue living at home independently.